NOT ALL OF THE STORIES workout the way I’d hoped. Obviously, Cash & Coke is one of those stories—hence, the reboot. Once I knew the subject was unsalvageable, I decided to use the synopsis as an example of what I’m up against.

Although, I’ve met several innocent people, the vast majority of the inmates in federal prisons around the country are guilty. They may have been given a draconian sentence, but they’re guilty of the crimes they’re here for. They’re criminals; and criminals are difficult to deal with. They’re unpredictable, and many are unrepentant sociopathic career criminals that can’t wait to get out and reoffend.

The difference between the original Cash & Coke, and the reboot, is the addition of the sub-story regarding Snoop’s attempt to rip me off. The base story is unchanged. Both versions are available for sale.